Tele-ICU Framework

Exceptional Expertise, Innovative Technology and a Unique Care Model Come Together To Make Healthcare Affordable, Accessible and Immediate

E-icu Management Process

Technology is the primary driver making access between us at Critical Care Hope and remote locales entirely possible. The eICU technology platform reduces the time for delivery and access of actionable patient information, making patients and their treatment a top priority.

Hope E-ICU Ecosystem

Intensivists/ ICU Care Specialist

Specialising in critical care, Critical Care Hope intensivists undergo rigorous training in ICU care and management after their post graduation (MD or DNB). Our doctors are qualified in specialised treatment (FNB, DM or allied approved courses). Maximising the reach of such superiorly skilled critical care personnel by connecting them to as many remote care hubs as possible using our e-ICU setup, allows a democratic access to these specialists and their expert skills.

Hope Critical Care Hub

Bringing together ICU specialists, advanced medical technologies and expertise and local hospitals on one platform, our healthcare hub is a hive of activity that runs 24x7x365 monitoring patients, collecting and analysing data, offering protocolled care and treatment interventions. Our clinical tools and automated alerts provide real-time patient data, and actionable insights that help in quick decision making. We bridge the gap in taking super speciality care to places, where it is impossible to go.


Local ICU Hospital

Local hospitals in remote areas with ICU setups require the intervention of highly trained specialists, to monitor patients and develop protocolled treatment at all times. With such intervention available remotely, they are better able to manage patients, retain critical cases, make treatment affordable and accessible for everyone.



Better Patient Management

At Critical Care Hope, patients are our top priority. Their care and treatment is monitored by 24/7 access to a specialist, minimising wait times while delivering high levels of dedicated quality. Accessible specialists are also a reassurance to patients and their families, making it a better treatment environment and opening up channels of communication.

Enhanced Patient Retention

With critical care accessible at all times, local hospitals can retain patients who are otherwise transferred to hospitals with better services to offer. Increase in ICU occupancy impacts both patients and the hospital positively; resulting in affordable and better treatment for the former and increased admissions for the latter.

Implementing Cost-effective Solutions

By accessing high quality critical intensivists via eICU, our local partners can provide sustainable and economically viable levels of care without compromise on quality, communication and patient satisfaction.

Boosting Bedside Accountability

Backed by dependable ICU specialists and a 24/7 dedicated support team manning the e-ICU, local bedside service providers are able to take crucial decisions and manage large number of critical cases at all times.

Is Your Hospital Unable To Manage Critical Care Or ICU Patients? We Can Help.