E-ICU Training

Our unique E-ICU training Model has been designed for hands-on and effective transfer of knowledge and expertise, equipping healthcare facilities with relevant skills and information to manage the 'hub and spoke' model.

Hope E-ICU Setup

24x7 monitoring by Intensivist

Monitoring scale upto 200 beds

CC can see the patient live through high resolution camera

Critical decision making post current scenario analysis

Early expert intervention during entire ICU care process

Integration box directly connected to CHA Tele ICU application, relaying data digitally & seamlessly.

CC monitors incoming data, detects trends, analyses patterns and recognizes patient condition.

Sharing of data between HUB & Remote Hospital is continuous with highest quality of care.

ROBOT like Cart connected with HUB through LAN.

Site Co-ordinator to facilitate virtual rounds.

Super Specialty Consultation

After treatment followups and remote care.

Hope Critical Care conducts training for experts intensivists who will manage your hospital’s critical care needs remotely, no matter where you are located. We access the most remote of locations, partnering with you to look after your patients, providing 24/7 monitoring & ICU care with efficient treatment outcomes.

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