Tele-icu Solutions That Make Critical Care Expertise Accessible For Everyone

CRITICAL CARE HOPE uses technology to provide critical medical services, specialist personnel & essential healthcare expertise to the most remote locations across India.

Expert Intensivists

Experienced Intensive Care Specialists making specialised ICU care available to everyone

Remote Critical Care

Using the ‘Hub & Spoke’ Model to deliver healthcare services that maximise coverage with minimal resources

24/7 Coverage

24/7 Healthcare Coverage through tele-ICUs with easy set-up & cost-effective applications

Tele-icu Solutions Connecting Icu Specialists To Hospitals Through A Technology Interface


Cloud Data


Critical Care Hope Intensivists sitting at the command centre are remotely connected to Hospital ICUs using technology, providing round-the-clock ICU care, patient monitoring, caregiver assurance & emergency intervention.

Our Impact


Round the Clock Monitoring & Care

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Hospitals Access Critical Care

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Intensivists oversee 200+ ICU Beds remotely

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Reduction in Mortality over a quarter


Cases Managed in-house

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Savings for patients in Hospital & Treatment Costs

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